3 Essential Oils to Keep Your Face Clear and Smooth

Caring for your skin involves creating a ritual that works and sticking to it. We are provided with one body and taking care of it should always be a priority. You may have heard advice on how to keep your skin smooth and blemish free. Tricks like drinking plenty of water, getting enough rest and staying away from an overindulgence of fried, greasy foods seem to be the standard. But did you know incorporating essential oils into your skincare regime can have great results? Having smooth skin lays the foundation for an outstanding beard! Check out three essential oils that will keep your face in top condition:


#1 - Frankincense Oil

Extracted from the Olibanum tree, Frankincense is a natural cytophylactic, meaning it encourages new cell growth to help combat aging. Battling scars, large pores or acne? Frankincense also has anti-inflammatory and natural toner properties making it a go to to reduce blemishes and decrease the overall appearance of pores. Its healing characteristics helps repair dry, chapped skin. Looking to smooth out that skin around your beard? Look no further than this awesome essential oil! Add a few drops to a base oil to your lotion before going to bed for a week. You’ll definitely see a difference!

#2 - Geranium Oil

Having trouble with chronically dry skin? Or struggling with constant oily skin? Aside from regular water intake, Geranium oil is your new best friend. Under-producing oil on your skin can cause flaky skin that cracks and peels and eventually contributes to a wrinkly face. Conversely, skin that is overproducing can lead to clogged pores and multiple breakouts. No matter what end of the spectrum you’re on, geranium oil is your best friend. Try adding a drop to your daily moisturizer to keep your oils in check! 

#3 - Sandalwood Oil

Rashes, eczema, or psoriasis can zap the moisture from your skin. Sandalwood is particularly good at hydrating and replenishing your face. Along with a seriously good smell, sandalwood oil also acts as an emollient, smoothing skin and relieving any type of inflammation. Be sure to dilute a few drops into a carrier, like lotion or a carrier oil before using!

Women aren’t the only ones that benefit from essential oils. There are many options to keeping your face smooth, hydrated, and blemish free, in tip top shape for a beard! Got your skin in check? Check out our Beard Butters to make sure your beard matches your face’s moisture!

Blog Contributor: Kescheler Nix-Powell